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FAN FILM: I Married A Power Ranger
Published: 2 years ago
BLOOPERS: Here's my first video sketch with my wife, Jillian! Check out how it's like for her to live with a Real Power Ranger...
VLOG: Marvel Skype Surprise with Chris Evans and Captain America Civil War Cast
Published: 2 years ago
This was probably the biggest secret I had to keep, ever! Here's how Team Cap appreciates their fans, and I'm so lucky and honored to be a part of it... Well, just ...
VLOG: Where I buy Power Ranger Helmets
Published: 1 year ago
There are a lot of costume makers out there, but this one's close to home... literally! :) KAMEN RIDER NIMOY Facebook Page: Subscribe to ...
FAN FILM: Lightspeed Lesson - feat. Alison MacInnis [Power Rangers]
Published: 8 months ago
BLOOPERS: When Dana Mitchell asks you to help her with her Lightspeed Rescue Morphing Sequence, you say yes... right?
GIVEAWAY: 100,000 Subscribers (Winners announced!)
Published: 1 year ago
Congratulations to: Mico Yabut - Blue Dino Charge Helmet Jose Guevarra- Red MMPR helmet That Guy from that thing - VR headset ThePinkscream - VR ...
DRUM COVER: Power Rangers In Space
Published: 3 years ago
Power Rangers In Space is one of my favorite seasons! And since I had the costume already, I wanted to try out doing a drum cover in a full suit! What do you ...
INTERVIEW: Chris Evans and Cast of Captain America Civil War
Published: 2 years ago
Here are some excerpts from my One on One interviews with Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, and Joe Russo for Captain America Civil War!
FAN FILM: How To Impress A Power Ranger - feat. Jason David Frank (The Original Green Ranger)
Published: 6 months ago
When I heard that Jason David Frank was coming to the Philippines, I knew I had to meet him... But I also had to impress him as well! Unfortunately, my nephew ...
VLOG: Huge Power Rangers Collection! [MMPRtoys]
Published: 1 year ago
While I was in Los Angeles for Power Morphicon, I visited Bruno and Mia in their house and saw their awesome collection! MMPRtoys Channel: ...
Jillian - Chris Cantada with Sponge Cola (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)
Published: 4 years ago
Original version part of Sponge Cola's debut album "Palabas" (2004). Song re-recorded/Mix/Mastered at Skunk Studios. All instruments and vocals by: Chris ...
Interview with Damien! The real star of my channel? [RFR Ep. 18]
Published: 8 months ago
You know him from my videos, but do you know the REAL Damien? DAMIEN STUDIOS: ...
Most Asked Questions About My Power Rangers Costumes [RFR Ep. 13]
Published: 10 months ago
In this episode of Ranger Force Roundup, I talk about where I get all my costumes from! Hope this helps out aspiring Power Ranger cosplayers out there. Kamen ...
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